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Why Harder to Kill?

Being “Harder to Kill” isn’t solely about fitness or skill; otherwise, it wouldn’t hold such significance. It requires a mental shift—an ability to redefine work and pain. Rather than viewing discomfort as a limitation, it becomes an opportunity for growth and transcendence.

This is the essence of a Warrior. It’s their burden, and when it becomes an integral part of their life, they know they’ve made the right choice. They have proven their worth to themselves. At this point, their training is no longer a mere pastime, but a pursuit with profound meaning beyond themselves. The time it takes to reach this realization varies—weeks, months, or even years.

For a Warrior, showing up sometimes requires sheer willpower. It’s not an irrational fear of injury or embarrassment. It’s the simple fact that by walking through those doors, they bear a weight, an expectation to uphold. Not the expectations of their instructors or fellow Warriors, but their own expectations. This is their burden. Some days, it may feel almost crushing, while on others, it serves as a reminder that they can always hold their own.

Every time you enter, there are genuine expectations. You are expected to perform at a certain level.


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Cultivating Your Mind As Your Primary Weapon

Kung FuThe transition from merely working out to training is what challenges most newcomers to the Warrior Program. It’s the realization that true improvement demands pushing oneself a little further each day. This is the game-changer, the dividing line. Those who commit don’t just commit to high levels of skill and fitness—they commit to a mental fortitude that will endure long after their physical body falters.

As authentic Shaolin Warriors, they are slowly forging an unyielding resolve that grows stronger as their skills improve and their bodies grow stronger.

Many people fail to grasp the distinction between working out and training. While the difference may seem insignificant, for us, it holds immense importance. Working out passes the time, while training prepares you for something greater. Training readies your body and mind to surpass your limits, and then it prepares you to do it again and again.

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Outside Performance is the True Measure

Warrior Kung FuPeople often fail to comprehend how being a Warrior extends beyond the gym. They don’t understand that by dedicating themselves to this program, they develop the ability to accomplish what they once thought was impossible. Moreover, they struggle to see how overcoming the impossible can benefit their personal and professional lives.

They can’t grasp the fear, dedication, pain, and love required to conquer the impossible. They have yet to realize that the same physical and mental virtues we cultivate daily are the very virtues they will need to cope with loss, bring new life into the world, handle demanding challenges, or overcome adversity.

They won’t understand until they’ve experienced it.

Being Harder to Kill is more than just a workout or mastering a technique. It’s a systematic approach to conquering what was once deemed unattainable. It’s a mindset that pushes you when you’re exhausted and restrains you when you feel invincible. It’s about gaining skill without inflating your ego. This mentality truly propels you forward, preparing you for the known and the unknown.

Being Harder to Kill transcends mere physical fitness or honing a takedown technique. It’s an intentional approach to accomplishing what you once believed to be beyond reach. Harder to Kill is our purpose—a gift reserved for those who understand—those who embrace the notion that accomplishments are just shiny stars. Being Harder to Kill is a way of life, a discipline, and a code. Ultimately, it’s the only expectation that genuinely matters—that each day, when you leave, you are a little bit more resilient than you were yesterday.

Come and set yourself apart, or don’t. It’s not for everyone.

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