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Master Chris Workman Reveals Advanced Martial Arts Concepts In New Series

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Master Chris Workman and Shaolin Arts are presenting a series of seminars for advanced martial artists. In traditional martial arts, these seminars would be what was called a “close-door clinic”, only open to the master’s family and inner circle of students. The topics covered in these seminars are a refining and distilling of concepts, not base principles. Information in these seminars will be what other schools don’t cover, either because they don’t know it or they won’t show it.

In today’s martial arts landscape, instructors typically acquire training in and teach a variety of martial arts styles. Often a person gets their black belt and stops studying. They don’t have an in-depth knowledge of any one particular art. As a result, they really don’t know why, or even if, a particular technique works. They don’t have anything advanced to teach their students.

It is rare to find a true master that has dedicated themselves to developing a deep understanding of one art. Master Workman is one such individual. He has studied, practiced and taught Shaolin five animal Kung Fu for more than 30 years. When explaining the techniques he is teaching, Master Workman explains the principles of why and how a technique works. He doesn’t use mystical explanations to cover a lack of knowledge.

This is what other schools don’t teach either because they don’t know it or won’t show it. It’s what makes you a fighter. It’s the difference between being good and being really good.

Master Chris Workman

Because this series of seminars covers highly advanced topics, attendance is limited to those martial artists who have a black belt in their art . While these seminars will provide a lot of information, these are hands on clinics. Participants will need to have already mastered the base principles so they can apply the principles discussed at the seminars.

The seminars will be held at Shaolin Arts, 8271 W Lake Pleasant Pkwy, Ste 101, Peoria, AZ 85382. Space is limited.

The Masters Series

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