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Become Fit and Formidable While Building Calm and Confidence

Programs at Shaolin Arts

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Shaolin Kung Fu

Realize your potential with fitness, practical self-defense with this complete martial art system.

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Holistic Tai Chi

Develop internal energy and improved health through this gentle and invigorating Tai Chi experience.

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Kids Martial Arts

Children build confidence while learning core values of focus, discipline, persistence, cooperation and respect.

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Private Instruction

Private Instruction leads to quicker progression and deeper understanding in applying the principles of Kung Fu or Tai Chi

Warrior Kung Fu

Warrior Kung Fu

The Warrior program is for those who want to take their Kung Fu and fitness to the next level.

Tai chi master demonstrating the martial application of a tai chi movement

Combat Tai Chi

Tai Chi Quan (太極拳) literally means 'supreme ultimate boxing'. Learn the fighting techniques of this deadly art.

Woman defending herself from an attacker


Anything can happen in the world today. Learn effective self-defense. Be prepared to defend your loved ones and yourself.

Students learning to work with weapons

Weapons Training

Train with traditional Chinese weapons like staff, Jian (straight sword), Dao (saber), spear, three-sectional-staff, and more.

Why Shaolin Arts

10 Reasons

Shaolin Arts is the best choice for practical martial arts training.

Our Method

An effective program of study for progression from white to black sash

Our Culture

A safe and welcoming environment that encourages success.


The history and development of Shaolin Wu Ling XIng Quan Fa

Amazing Community

At Shaolin Arts, you’re not just joining a gym or martial arts school, you’re joining a community that can move you past being stuck toward achieving your health, fitness, strength, weight, and being-a-generally-formidable-person goals.

Being part of a community means you will have friends here. From the instructors to the other athletes, you’ll have people who care if you come, people who love working out with you and chatting with you afterward, people who genuinely want to see you succeed.

In the end, your potential is irrelevant if you’re not surrounded by people who help you realize it.

What Students Are Saying

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