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Benefits of Kung Fu

Looking for a fun way to get in the best shape of your life without ever going to a gym? Our adult classes are designed to empower you with confidence, self-defense skills, and fitness with fun and friendly people!

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Build Self Esteem

Build the skills you need to live your life with confidence. In Shaolin Kung Fu you learn to set and achieve goals you thought were impossible. You develop the self-discipline to accomplish anything.

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Get Fit

At Shaolin Arts, our workouts use real kung fu techniques and skills for a full-body fun, and exciting workout. Our unique workouts sculpt the muscles of the arms, legs, butt, and abs while increasing your flexibility, speed, agility, power, and mental clarity.

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Lose Weight

On average, someone who weighs 180 pounds will burn 883 calories in one of our hour long classes. If you come to all three classes, that's the equivalent of burning off about 1 pound per week.

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Make Friends

At Shaolin Arts, you're joining a community that can move you past being stuck toward achieving your health, fitness, strength, weight, and being-a-generally-formidable-person goals.

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Relieve Stress

Shaolin Kung Fu classes are an excellent outlet for stress. You get to punch and kick things in a positive and supportive environment. Best of all, you build resilience so you can handle your life's challenges better.

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Learn Self-Defense

The world we live in can be a dangerous place. Violent situations can arise at any time and in any place. Shaolin Arts Kung Fu gives you real, practical self-defense. Have confidence knowing you are prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Looking For a challenge? Learn more about Our Warrior Kung Fu Program.

What is Shaolin Kung Fu?

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Put simply, Shaolin Kung Fu is the original mixed martial art.

With the popularity of the UFC, many people have heard about MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. MMA is a sport-type event for the entertainment of spectators. MMA uses more than one ‘style’ or type of martial art.

However, thousands of years ago, before the rest of the world knew about Asian martial arts – the Shaolin Monks were practicing hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of styles of “Kung Fu” that included kicking (ti 踢), striking (da 打), throwing (shuai 摔), and grappling (na 拿) styles – the “four families” of Chinese Kung Fu.

Because the Shaolin Monks needed Kung Fu to defend themselves and others in life-and-death situations, Shaolin Kung Fu is a deadly and dangerous art designed to stop a threat as quickly and thoroughly as possible. It is not limited by competition rules such as those in MMA or other sport-focused martial arts.

At Shaolin Arts, we teach the five classic Shaolin Animals: tiger, leopard, dragon, crane, and snake, called Shaolin Wu Ling Xing Quan Fa and includes all four families of Chinese Kung Fu.

Our classes are small so you won’t get lost in the crowd. Experienced instructors coach every class. Throughout the class, you get personal attention and coaching. Because classes are unique and you are always learning something new, it’s always fun, never boring.

A Complete System

What makes Shaolin Arts unique is that our art, Shaolin Wu Ling Xing Quan Fa, includes all four families of Kung Fu: 

  • kicking (ti 踢),
  • striking (da 打),
  • throwing/ground fighting (shuai 摔), and
  • grappling (na 拿)

At Shaolin Arts we teach a family-style Kung Fu called Shaolin Wu Ling Xing Quan Fa or Shaolin Five Animal Essence Fighting Method. The five animals of Shaolin Wu Ling Xing are the Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake, and Dragon. Together these five animals make a complete fighting art that has all four families of Kung Fu: Kicking, Striking, Throwing/Ground Fighting, and Grappling.

  1. Kicking (Ti 踢): This family of Kung Fu emphasizes the use of various kicking techniques. The techniques are often powerful and fast, aiming to knock down or disable the opponent. The style also includes footwork and positioning to set up effective kicks.

  2. Striking (Da 打): This family of Kung Fu emphasizes striking techniques, such as punches, palm strikes, elbow strikes, and finger strikes. The techniques focus on delivering maximum force to vulnerable points on the opponent’s body.

  3. Throwing/Ground Fighting (Shuai 摔): This family of Kung Fu emphasizes throwing and grappling techniques, with the aim of taking the opponent to the ground and controlling them. Techniques include joint locks, chokes, and pressure points. It also includes training in ground fighting and submission holds.

  4. Grappling (Na 拿): This family of Kung Fu emphasizes close-range grappling and wrestling techniques, such as joint locks, throws, takedowns, and ground fighting. The techniques aim to control the opponent’s body and neutralize their attacks.

Different Kung Fu styles emphasize different families of techniques. What makes Shaolin Arts unique is that our art encompasses all four families.

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Your Progress in Kung Fu


In this time, you will realize Kung Fu is not an easy journey. At the same time you will feel that you can move faster and you become more flexible. The improvements will be self-evident. In this time, you can get a general idea of what Shaolin Kung Fu is like and learn the methods to practice Shaolin Kung Fu.


This phase is sometimes the dark time before the sun. You might feel discouraged because you are aware of what you need to do to make one single move better, but your body just can’t do it, YET! This is the time to continue practicing with patience and allow yourself to blossom out of your cocoon. This phase is the time to develop agility, strength and speed of kicks and punches, accuracy of single moves, coordination of your body, strength, speed and the spirit of Shaolin Kungfu.


After you have blossomed, you will find you are progressing very fast. You can learn a difficult form quickly! And you are now at the top of your class and at the school. This level requires the shape of the hand to be correct, the moving of the body to be quick, the body acting as a whole, the eyes following the moving of the hand, steps moving accurately, spirit to be up and strength to be released at certain moment with speed.


Having learned the basics of Shaolin Five-Animal Kung Fu, as a black sash, you embark upon your personal kung fu journey of mastery. You learn kung fu at a deeper level. You learn how to harness your energy (Chi). You learn to improvise attacks and defenses based on previous material fluidly. Your attack and defense techniques are applied at “fight speed.”  You are ready for a life-long journey of discovery and fitness.

Want to learn more in-depth and progress your skills up to 3x faster?
Check out our Private Instruction option.

What is Kung Fu Like?

Here’s a sample of some of the techniques we teach and things you might learn in class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try out Shaolin Arts Kung Fu to see if it is right for me?

  • Yes! Shaolin Arts offers an introductory class so you can see if our unique curriculum is right for you. To sign up for an introductory class, fill out the form below!

How long does it take to learn Shaolin Kung Fu?

  • The time varies with the student and their ability to put time into practice. 

Am I too old or too young to learn Kung Fu?

  • Our Shaolin training students range from 6 to 70+ years old because Shaolin Kung Fu is suitable for all ages to learn.

Why is training at Shaolin Arts better than going to the gym?

  • Community! In our classes you get a great workout, and you’re pushing your body and mind in a social environment where your peers are cheering you on – you have a built-in community of peers and friends who will help you meet your goals.

Will I have to compete against other students?

  • Kung Fu is not sport. The only person you compete with is yourself. Some students are in shape, while others are overweight. Some come for self-defense, others for fitness, and still others for fun. Everyone is treated equally and trained to the best of their ability and potential. A student is never compared to anyone else. At Shaolin Arts, we motivate you to be the best YOU can be.

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