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Chinese martial arts have a long and rich history of weapons, with many different styles and techniques developed over the centuries. At Shaolin Arts we teach a wide variety of weapons, such as:

  1. Jian (Straight Sword) The Jian, also known as the “gentleman’s weapon,” is a double-edged straight sword with a long history in China. It was considered a symbol of the educated class and is often seen in Chinese mythology and folklore. Jian training involves precision and speed, as well as techniques such as thrusting, slicing, and parrying.

  2. Dao (Broadsword) The Dao is a single-edged, slightly curved sword that was widely used in Chinese warfare. It is known for its cutting power and versatility in combat. Dao training emphasizes proper posture, balance, and technique, with a focus on quick, powerful strikes.

  3. Guan Dao (Halberd) The Guan Dao is a polearm with a broad blade that curves outward. It was used primarily in ancient Chinese warfare and was known for its ability to take down cavalry. Training with the Guan Dao involves learning how to use its length to keep opponents at a distance and make powerful strikes.

  4. Qiang (Spear) The Qiang was considered the king of weapons and is a long spear that was used in ancient Chinese warfare and hunting. It has a sharp tip for stabbing and a pointed butt for striking. Training with the Qiang involves learning how to use its length and weight to make quick, precise thrusts.

  5. Gun (Staff) The Gun is the preferred weapon of Shaolin monks and is a long staff made of bamboo or wood. It is used in various Chinese martial arts styles and is known for its versatility and simplicity. Training with the Gun involves learning basic stances and movements, as well as techniques such as striking, blocking, and sweeping.

  6. Shuang Jian (Double Swords) The Shuang Jian, or double swords, is a pair of straight swords that are wielded simultaneously. It was developed in the Tang dynasty and is known for its speed and precision. Training with the Shuang Jian requires coordination and quick reflexes.

  7. Rope Dart (also known as “javelin dart” or “soft dart,”) The rope consists of a weighted metal dart attached to a rope or chain, which can vary in length depending on the user’s preference. The rope dart requires a combination of physical dexterity, coordination, and mental focus to use effectively, and is often considered an advanced weapon.


Other weapons such as knives, sticks, tiger hooks, and canes, are also part of the curriculum. We also deal with more modern weapons such as guns. 

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