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At Shaolin Arts, we want students to get the most out of their training. For students with consistency and dedication, Kung Fu or Tai Chi becomes a lifestyle, and students can readily enjoy all the benefits of mastering the Arts.

Based on over 30 years of teaching students, Masters Gracey and Workman have designed an effective learning plan or program of study that allows students to naturally progress from the White Sash to Black Sash and beyond. As a result, classes and the curriculum at Shaolin Arts are not taken in isolation but are elements of a larger structured learning plan.

Shaolin Arts Programs consists of six main elements:

  1. Curricula: These are a set of coordinated skills organized in the best possible way to facilitate students’ learning processes.
  2. Skills: These are the forms, techniques, and principles that convey the knowledge of Kung Fu or Tai Chi
  3. Pre-requisite: The minimum level a student must possess or have accomplished to enroll in a specific program;
  4. Class: The period during which the student learns and practices the forms, techniques, and principles contained in the curriculum using several different training methods or appropriate instructional techniques;
  5. Training Methods: Specific drills and training practices designed to convert the knowledge represented in the curriculum and taught by the instructor into applied knowledge, ensuring that the student use their knowledge and skills under actual circumstances (or under authentic conditions);
  6. Rank System: Hierarchical rank structure designed to represent students’ progress according to their potential.

Many Shaolin Arts students have the dream of becoming a Black Sash. However, this is a challenging goal; consistency and dedication are required. To fulfill the promise of facilitating students’ learning, Shaolin Arts Programs are structured logically to keep students motivated to learn, practice, and perform.

A typical Shaolin Arts student starts with an introductory class, where they will experience an exciting Kung Fu or Tai Chi class, and afterward enroll in the Shaolin Arts Beginning Class. 

In Shaolin Kung Fu, after learning all the forms and techniques in the beginning program, the student will be promoted to the Intermediate Program, where they will continue practicing the basic skills and begin learning more advanced forms, combinations, strikes, kicks, blocks, and grappling techniques. After learning the intermediate material, the student will progress to the Advanced Program, where they continue learning advanced forms and techniques. They begin understanding how the techniques apply to their body type and personality. Their style begins to develop, and they fine-tune all the previous material they have learned.
In Tai Chi, the student will start with the beginning ranks – setting a solid foundation, to the intermediate ranks – growing in skills and techniques, and then to the advanced ranks – beginning to understand how the techniques apply to their body type and personality.  In preparation for a black sash, their style begins to develop, and they fine-tune all the previous material they have learned.

Kung Fu and Tai Chi are exciting and beautiful arts. Everyone is capable of learning them and enjoying their many benefits. Shaolin Arts Programs reflect more than thirty years of teaching experience. They have improved thousands of individuals’ quality of life, self-esteem, discipline, and health.

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