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Shi Bo Chris Workman

Chris Workman, co-founder of Shaolin Arts, has been a martial arts enthusiast since age 14 and has journeyed through various styles, always probing deeper into the essence of each technique. Fusing his passion for physics with martial arts, Chris discerned key challenges within traditional teaching methods, notably a lack of depth and understanding. His quest for authenticity led him to train with Shaolin monks, culminating in a profound grasp of Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Today, as a co-founder of Shaolin Arts, Chris emphasizes genuine value over contractual obligations, mandates continuous evolution for instructors, and champions a blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring an enriching experience for every student.

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Combat Tai Chi

Combat Tai Chi – It’s Not Park Tai Chi

I see a lot of people who do Tai Chi and it’s Park Tai Chi. If you want to be have good health and be in shape to an extent, that’s fine. But it’s not going to help you in self defense. Self defense Tai Chi is what Tai Chi originally was. Tai Chi Chuan, fighting, self defense, but it’s lost. Very few people teach it anymore. And what I see people teach, half the time, doesn’t still work. If you learn something from a book, see a YouTube video, you have it written on paper, doesn’t mean you know it. It doesn’t mean you understand it. It doesn’t mean you can use it. It is much more difficult than that. It takes years to learn Tai Chi but it’s super effective.

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